My Signature Style, and How to Find Yours

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

It's really hard to pin point what exactly my signature style is. 

As I have said many times on this blog, my style cannot be defined. It can depend on my mood, current trends, the weather, how lazy I am feeling etc. There are many variables that will contribute to my looks. 

Saying that, there are three styles that I identify the most with and those are Classic, Soft Grunge and Street Wear. 

By classic, I mean traditional cuts and tones, big handbags, nudes and monochrome. You know, the items of clothing that will never go out of fashion - the investment pieces of our wardrobes. 

Soft Grunge in my own definition is chunky black boots, ripped jeans, oversized outerwear and studs. Think of a rockstar and just tone that outfit down a little bit to something you'd happily wear in public. 

Street Wear I consider to be oversized hoodies and over expensive trainers. The outfit that looks so effortless, yet so chic. Channel Blvck Dope

One tip I would give anyone is that fashion is what you make it. How you​ let it inspire you. How ​you define it and how you style it - not how you copy it. 

It took me a really long time to discover my own personal style. I tried many different looks over the years, I tried to keep up to date and follow trends, I tried to be different and unique but all in all, I always revert back to what I feel most safe in. 

From the ages 12 -14 I was what can only be described as a chav. I wore Henleys hoodies and black Nike trainers to school. I wore a gold sovereign and lived in tracksuits and trainers. It's so embarrassing to think back on it, but the reasoning was that I just did what everyone else did. All the 'cool' kids in school would wear it, so I would to. 

As I got older, so about 16-18 I decided to channel more soft grunge into my wardrobe. I bought my first pair of doc martens and oversized check shirts and leather jackets were my shit. I even wore several black shag bands. Why? Well because Effy from Skins did. I dunno. But it felt cool. This was when my own style started to come into play. 

When I hit my 20's that is when I started to take fashion seriously. I started a professional job, so my classic, sophisticated style had to be addressed. For the office it mostly consists of blouses and black trousers, mini skirts and polo necks, printed trousers, pencil skirts and tailored coats. 

Going out out, I like to look hella classy, sexy and sophisticated. My style is not wearing as little clothing as possible, I can't bear to be cold. But it is more chic dresses and jumpsuits. 

In my personal view, I don't believe you need to get your boobs, butt, legs and tum all out to be considered sexy. If you have the body for it, then of course by all means go forth and do you. But I myself, don't have the enviable figure, and am a bit of a prude. I am not comfortable with so much of myself exposed. 

I do often try  stepping out of my comfort zone, as how will you ever expand your style and capabilities if you don't give it a go?

My best advice to discovering your own personal style is trial and error. 

Think of all the phases you have been through in your life, I know we have tried to remove certain embarrassing memories from our brains, but it is important to know how you felt and what gives you the most confidence and comfort. 

If there are certain stages in your life you loved, i.e. an emo stage, channel some of that into your everyday wardrobe and accessories and if you can remember what you tried, and hated, then avoid at all costs. 

For me, that would be when I decided to wear girly, flowery dresses and headbands, when I lived in trackies and glittery hoodies, anything with bows and gladiator sandals. These are just to name a few. 

The world of fashion is endless, there are no rules and regulations, you have the freedom to be and do whatever your heart desires. ​

So if you want to try something new, bloody well go and try it. You might love it, you might hate it. But you gotta try! 

Have you found your signature style yet? If so, tell me about it, Stud. 

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