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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

 I constantly find myself residing in the Writer's Block Hotel. 

Thinking of ideas to talk about isn't always as easy as it seems and I am so envious of bloggers who post regular, great content because all I ever think is "don't you ever get stuck?"

My blog posts ideas are all or nothing. I can be sat watching TV and something will come to me, I'll jot it down and then 50 more will follow. But for months later I will struggle to think of any topic to discuss. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. 

With that being said, it is so important to know how to get over it when you find yourself struggling, otherwise you will remain in that rut for a long time and will struggle to ever find motivation. Over the last few months, I have attempted to inspire myself and open my mind to create new, innovative ideas and I have found by doing a few of the things listed below I have made some real progress. 

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Read, Watch, Subscribe etc to Your Favourite Bloggers/Vloggers 

Follow the people whose content makes your soul smile. These are the people that will motivate you and inspire you to write things that are close to your heart as they resonate with yourself. 

You need someone you relate to and whose words you can hear yourself saying, it is more likely that you will understand their point of view and be able to write from a similar position. 

I am of course not recommending you plagiarise and copy other peoples content, as that is in no way the point of blogging. By owning a blog, you want your own voice to be heard. So we only use this to take inspiration from topics discussed and emotive language used. 

Blogger's wont get mad if you write about the same thing they have, that's how all topics start trending, but only as long as it is completely your own opinion and words. 

Review Latest Purchase 

Gather all the things you have bought for the current season we are in, scribble them all down or get them out in front of you and see what similarities you can find amongst them and if they inspire a theme you can use.

The things you might want to consider looking out for are; colour schemes, how you intend to style them, what trends you are following, whether or not they are timeless pieces or throw away fashion etc etc.  

And if all else fails, you can always do a haul of your latest purchases - this will always go down well, especially if you are loving a new brand and can show off a few new pieces of their current collections. 

Fashion Designers

I know many of us follow fashion bloggers now for style inspo, but we should never forget that style and trends always originate straight from the source. 

Follow your favourite fashion designers on Instagram and they will fill your feed with all the new, beautiful garments of their collection before they are released. This way you can see the newest fashions being styled and be ahead of the curve with updates on newest trends. 

This gives you a great lead on blogging about trends before they become huge and overdone. 

Recent Life Experiences 

Think back to some of the things you have been up to over the past few months. What did you get up to?

Maybe you visited a new city or tried a new restaurant? Write about what made you happy, what made you sad, what made you angry etc. 

Readers love​ to see personality through posts, so to be able to vent, rant and share details about your life will make you much more likable and attainable. It's good for your readers to know that actually you are a normal person and totally relatable. 

Back To Basics 

There are sooo many blog posts out there listing ideas for you to use when you hit writer's block. These usually include the really generic posts which can sometimes put you, off but there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them. I would never recommended sleeping on posts about hauls, everyday make up routines, product reviews, styling a certain item. As long as you write genuine, real posts your readers will appreciate and respect you. 

Social Media - YouTube and Instagram

The world is high on YouTube at the moment, it is huge and it is only continuing to grow with, presumably, thousands of users signing up daily to post. As there as so many users who are desperate to be different from the rest, we have access to so much material. We see what trends are being created, what is popular and what flops. This is a great place to look for innovative talking points. So if you're stuck for ideas, try spending an hour browsing the trending videos in your area of expertise and take in what they are saying to see how you can channel that into your own words and inspiration. 

Instagram is overloaded with images of beautiful women wearing beautiful clothes in beautiful cities. If you want inspo for how to wear certain things, Instagram and Pinterest are your place to look. Just search the hashtag #PVCTrousers (avoid the sex related images that might turn up) and see how people all over the world style things differently. It's so interesting and educational to see! 

Grab Your Notebook, We're Heading Back To School

How did we all brainstorm ideas when we we're in school? We grabbed our notebooks or giant A3 pieces of paper, gathered a selection of coloured pens and drew the biggest mindmap we could. 

I'm not saying we need to go to these extremes, but it's a great, effective method to help get your imagination going.

I would take some time to sit in a quiet room and just start writing down ideas - they don't have to be good. Just write down anything you can think of. You will be surprised by how much your mind will open up and soon your own hand won't be able to keep up with what you want to jot down. ​

How do you come up with inspiration for your blog posts?
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