Hooded Eye Problems?

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Hooded eye sufferers, CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!?

If you have issues with hooded eyes, then please please please read on.

I have had hooded eyes for as long as I can remember. I always thought I could never find a solution for it and it was just the way my eyes were meant to be. It got to the point where I was considering spending £1000 on botox to actually get it fixed.

My make up was often uneven, my eyeliner would take over my entire eyelid and I was never able to take pictures from my right side without looking like a creep.

It's a real nightmare for myself, and something I was incredibly self conscious of. So if you are in the same boat, I feel your pain!! 

For years and years I ignored it, as I thought I might eventually grow out of it but that wasn't to be the case until one day I decided to google it and see if something could be done. 

I scrolled through pages and pages on Google but most of what came up were temporary results. This included hacks such as using egg whites(WTF?!) and eyelash glue, but nothing that would be a permanent fix besides surgery.

I eventually came across a web page that stated that if you apply a good eye cream every night you will begin to see visible results, but not guaranteeing a cure. 

So step 1, I invested in a Nip&Fab Bee Sting eye cream. I started using it sparingly as instructed, on my cheek bones and brow bone, being careful to dab and not rub.

I wasn't expecting anything miraculous, but I will say I began to notice a difference in the space of 3 days. After continuing this for a few months the elasticity in my upper lids has definitely firmed and I can notice the difference from how they used to look. 

I would absolutely recommend this. Whether it was the product, or the process of applying the cream iunno. But this is something I will never run out of now.

I did continue looking on Google for more dramatic, instant results, and although this cannot be achieved through the use of creams or gels etc, I did come across a really simple and effective technique. It is temporary, but they are so inexpensive that it doesn't pain you to keep stocking up and that is Eye Lash Strips.

Step 2, I headed over to eBay and bought a fairly cheap set as I wanted to test it out. The only thing I would mention is maybe try and get double sided strips as apparently if you wear them for 3 months straight you will create a new permanent fold in your lid.. meaning no hood! 

The results are amazing, unfortunately you can't wear heavy duty make up when you are wearing them but for 3 months I think we can cope. You can still get away with mascara, lashes and wings! 

So, if you have hooded eyes and think this can't be solved please go and buy these products. I obviously cannot promise you amazing and immediate results. It may not even work for you, but it is at least worth a shot. My confidence boosted by a milli.

Let me know how you got on in the comments, and what tips and tricks do you have for hooded eyes?!

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