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Friday, March 30, 2018

Brows, brows, brows.

They're huge and have been for several years now, and with popularity means never ending products being released promising to be better than the last. 

I haven't tried every brow product out there, my bank balance simply could not support that lifestyle. But I do mix up my routine quite often, depending on mood, time and the look I'm going for. 

However, eyebrows can make or break a makeup look and I see so many girls walking around who don't particularly know what they're doing with big, thick, matte black eyebrows. The only way to avoid this is to know which products do what - This is where I come in. 


My personal favourite is the pomade. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills and booooy it is good. For a natural look I outline them, slightly fill in and brush through the product with a spooly. I will complete the look with a brow gel. 

If I want a more dramatic look, I will outline my brows with a pencil first - my favourite is the ABH Brow Wiz and then I will fill in the rest with the pomade.  

My only qualm is that I find this method the most time consuming, meaning I'm not able to wear it for an everyday look. 

Brow Gel

Whether it's tinted or clear, if you have full brows like myself, you can get away with just this product alone. Quite often, I go for a natural look for work, as having thick brows can be difficult to manage as they tend to take over my face. When I'm not in the mood to enhance and dramatise them, I will use the Benefit Gimme Brow
 tinted gel instead to fill the sparse areas and groom them. 


BOO my pencil is broke! I'm sure this is the product every girl started with when she realised eyebrow makeup was a thing all those years ago. However, I wish someone had advised me against it as I had no bloody clue what I was doing. I was using a jet black pencil and filling in my entire eyebrow. FACE PALM. Thank goodness for beauty gurus on the internet, because I soon came to realise that the best way for me to fill my brows was to use a colour that is a shade lighter than my brow hairs and to outline them and brush through the product. 

I rarely use just a pencil but if I do, I use it to emphasise my brows for a bolder look. I overline them slightly and shape them with more precision so they look at lot sharper and fierce - perfect for a full face evening look. 

Brown Eyeshadow

Not heard of this hack? You are missing out. Gone are the days of buying endless products for parts of your face when you can use the same one twice. Using brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows is part of my every day routine. 

You will need a colour that is a shade lighter than your actual brows, and it needs to be matte... Unless you want little bits of glitter in there, which tbh I'm not hating the thought of. 

This gives my brows a real natural look as the product is made to be blendable, meaning it doesn't come across harsh and you can easily remove or build on it as you please. However, for this reason you will need to use a brow gel on top to keep it all in place. 

This is my preferred choice as it literally takes me 2 minutes max and is a super affordable option as I'm sure you will all own a brown eyeshadow already. 

Brow Kits

Okay. If you are a novice I will recommend you purchase a brow kit until I am blue in the face.

They!! Are!! So!! Easy!!

I'm talking serious convenience here as you have all you need in one place. The Seventeen Brow Kit is my ultimate fav. For the very very affordable price of £6, you have wax, powder, a pencil and a brow highlighter all in one place. 

Although I wouldn't find it particularly easy drawing on brows with this kit, it is perfect for filling in sparse areas and giving them a really natural look. 

What is your preferred eyebrow technique?
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