What I've Learnt From My Favourite Leading Ladies on TV

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I watch a hell of a lot of TV, and American sitcoms and dramas are probably some of my favourites. You often see criticism from the media that there isn't enough shows with the leading characters being female, so I wanted to narrow down the women that have inspired me and taught me lessons on TV and just reiterate why it is so important for us fellow women to encourage and support those who do have their own TV shows. 

Firstly, is my all time favourite TV show which sadly came to an end last year: The Mindy Project. Mindy has taught me countless lessons, that there is no way I could list them all, so I will tell you the one that is most important to me.

The Mindy Project taught me being Indian is empowering af.

My culture isn't something I have always been proud of, and in fact I used to be embarrassed by it. Ultimately it boiled down to being in a school of predominantly white children. I never saw Indian women being bigged up or doing great thing, the only time I saw them was when they were having the piss ripped out of them. 

So this is a huge one for me, I wish there were more Indian women on my screen at the moment, but for now I will settle on Mindy, as she is doing an absolute sterling job.  

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New Girl taught me that guys can make the best of friends. 

You either believe in guy and girl friendships or you don't, there is no inbetween. But genuinely, I wish those that didn't were more accepting of them. 

By being friends with a member of the male species does not, I repeat, does not mean you have to have any romantic feelings towards them. 

Guys make the best friends because: 
1) They will be honest with you when you need an honest answer
2) Their banter is on another level 
3) They aren't afraid to take the mick out of themselves, meaning you can too 
4) They may have hot friends and can give you a way in 
5) You can get genuine relationship advice from the other side - no more confusing bf moments 

and on and on and on. Basically, don't sleep on a male and female friendship, because they rock. 

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90210 taught me that every single person in Beverly Hills is beautiful and when I'm looking for a husband that's where I'll be heading.

There's really nothing else to say on this. 

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Gossip Girl taught me that rich people, although awesome, have the most dramatic stressful lives. So never judge a book by its cover.

I would watch this program and dream of a life in NYC where I could wander around the city all day, go for brunch and to the top clubs and own all the latest fashion pieces before they even hit the stores. 

Of course it is everyone's dream, but I'm not sure I would want that if I had to put up with the amount of BS they do in this show. 

Get kidnapped, drugged and left in a hotel room to die? But you'll have the new Gucci bag?

Actually, yeah probably still would. 


The moral of the story is that although it looks super glam and fabulous, everything we see is through rose tinted glasses. We shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. This reminds me of a similar topic that is often discussed all over the blogger world, and that is The Instagram Issue. 

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Desperate Housewives taught me that marrying rich and becoming a housewife is actually goals. 

You don't have anything to prove, so don't bust your balls trying to succeed at being something you're not at the expense of your happiness. 

What will be, will be and as long as you are happy then all is well. Embrace it, happiness is success IMO.

Oh and also, wine is your best friend. 

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Devious Maids taught me never to underestimate 'the help.' 

Just because someone's job isn't as glam as yours, it doesn't make you any better.

You should never look down on someone because of the job they do, particularly when you know very little of their character. 

We are all the same. 

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Empire taught me to channel my inner sass on the regular, don't let anyone dim your light.

If there is one woman who inspires me everyday to fight to keep that fire in my belly alive, it is Cookie from Empire. 

She is such a boss, in every sense of the word. She doesn't let anyone intimidate her, she doesn't succumb to any man. She really is just amazing. 

Love you forever Cook, you taught me to believe in myself and beat anyone's ass who doesn't.

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