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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Where the heck does Instagram get off tryna tell me how I gotta look and what I gotta wear? Pfft...

Syke. Well kind of, actually there is some truth in that but it's not Instagram's fault. It's entirely our own. 

I know this has been talked about endlessly from all angles and every view point, but I decided to weigh in too. Cuuuus why not, right? Right.

Instagram can either make or break us. Should you have a good feed, a pretty aesthetic, post regularly, have all the latest designer clothes etc etc you will do extremely well. However, when you're trying to keep up with that amongst other things in your life, it is really quite difficult. 

Not to mention the fact that not all of us care about a bloody theme. If I was to do Instagram my own way, without being influenced by any other accounts, my feed would be a mess and I'd be posting constantly. Not just things that are fashion related, but everything to do with my life. As I believe that's what it should be for. 

Try as I might, I will never be in that position. I can't help but browse the popular insta feeds and see how pretty their themes look or how clear their pictures are. I also can't help feeling completely and utterly inadequate compared to them. 

It sucks because I KNOW that what you see is not what you get. 

Those perfectly symmetrical faces we see are absolutely face tuned, and that girl who has all the latest designer clothes probably returns them once they have been photographed. Everything we see is through rose tinted glasses.

But the point is, it's there. Every day I scroll through my feed and come across these people who will rock a brand new outfit in front of beautiful blue skies and white buildings and all I can think is "How tf does this person get to flock around the streets all day taking pictures of themselves?" "How do they capture photos in day light? Don't they have a job? It's dark when I get home."

One of the worst things on there is those pages where it constantly shows beautiful, tanned people on yachts drinking champagne and doing shopping sprees at Chanel. Like, obviously that is not a real, sustainable lifestyle. It is someone on holiday or whatever, but does that stop you from comparing yourself? No, it does not. 

We have completely shot ourselves in the foot here, because the bar has just been set so high it's depressing to even try. The most annoying thing of all is that, in order for bloggers to promote their content you have to be active on all social media channels. But Instagram just feels like a waste of time. You obviously can't think of it that way as it's a portfolio of your work, but it's hard to feel motivated. 

That leads me on to the biggest bone of contention right now. The Algorithm. So you can upload good quality images every single day, but if you are just a small time account it can be a total waste of time. With the new set up, for some reason a tonne of your followers won't even see your posts and when you get zero engagement what is the point? You are literally just wasting minutes of your day by even bothering.

I find Instagram so deflating and because of that it affects my motivation to blog and engage with my Twitter followers too. It shouldn't, because Twitter is amazing, and full of so many wonderful and supportive people and blogging is my passion and escape from my every day boring life. So, I resent Instagram for making me feel that way towards it. 

I hope the whole "Instagram Issue" dies down at some point, because I do love the concept without all the added pressure, but right now, it just makes me sad. 

Since you made it this far, comment your Instagram accounts below so we can follow each other and beat the Instagram blues.

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