The Pressures Blogging Has On My Everyday Life

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Unless you blog, I don't think you can truly understand the pressures it can have on a persons life. We all love it and that is why we continue to do it, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's pretty hard work, especially if you are a perfectionist. 

Coat - Allsaints 
Khaki Shirt - H&M
Ripped Jeans - H&M
Western Buckle Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Choker - Zara 
Bag - Diesel

There are many factors we have to take into consideration during our everyday lives, to name just a few: 

Phone Battery

My charger is with me all day every day. My mom is incredibly judgemental about it, but then again she only uses her phone to make calls and send important texts, like that's even a thing anymore. 

You need a fully charged phone for the spontaneous moment you spot the perfect sunset, or your lunch looks particularly appealing as you eat a la carte. And you can't forget every single time you have prosecco and strawbs.


Gone are the days of just throwing on jeans and a sweatshirt to run some errands. You need to get DONE UP. Every outing is an opportunity for blog content, and if it doesn't make the cut for Ripped Glam, it's good enough for the gram at least. I can't be displaying the same outfits over and over again, it needs to be fresh and new, people.

Make Up

Very similar to the outfits, unless it's a 'no make up' make up look, I can't be going out barefaced. I do not have the confidence to photograph myself that way just yet, but I need content so therefore my face must always be beat. 


When I go out for a meal I have to be conscious of what I order as it's got to look insta worthy. We all know promoting food envy is the best way to get likes. 

Lighting and Angles

It's easy to get your angles right when taking selfies, but when you have pictures taken of you it's so much harder as you can't see what is going on and what you look like. So, not only do you have to work out your right angles in front of a camera, but also make sure you get the right lighting. You can't go out for a shoot when sunrise is due in half an hour, and nothing beats the natural sunlight when it hits you and makes your skin glow and your highlighter pop.


Every girl loves winter because it means grooming pretty much goes out the window. Your hair grows less and you don't have to worry about shaving your legs. But as a blogger you don't get that luxury. You have to camera ready 24/7! That means legs and armpits always have to shaved, my hair always needs to be neat and my nails always need to be done. A camera picks up things that a naked eye could never spot, and beady eyes on the internet don't miss a trick. 

Perfecting the perfect 'candid'  

We all know those pictures we see of those gorgeous girls on Instagram aren't real, and actually whatever they are laughing at wasn't that funny. The reason I know that is because if they are anything like me, the funnier something is the uglier my laughing face gets. So mastering that look is near impossible. You have to time it right so your skin is glistening in the sun, your face is tilted at just the right angle to disguise your double chin, your mouth is parted slightly to make it look like you aren't posing. It's hard af. If anyone has posted a YouTube video on how to take the most perfect candid lemme know please. 

Reading those you might not think it's an issue at all, and individually they aren't but let me just break down a little scenario for you, that I'm sure we have all experienced at some point in our blogging lives.

It's Friday afternoon, you clock off at 4pm so you're sitting there counting down the minutes. 3:57pm, you immediately start logging off and packing up your belongings. The phones are ringing, clients are wandering in and out in and your colleagues are battling the phones in the background but you don't care 'cause you're outta there in 3. 

You're praying the person on the other end of the phone isn't returning your left messages before you get out the door and then you hear it... "Sorry Dionne, I know you're on your way out, but I have Mrs Jones here to see you." 

Fucking Mrs Jones. 

So you sit there for 10 minutes watching the sun slowly melt behind the clouds and your chances of the perfect outfit shot go with it, whilst Mrs Jones blabbers on about something completely irrelevant as she blocks your way to freedom. 

You manage to make it out alive and begin the mad dash of finding the perfect outfit and doing a full face of instagrammable makeup. Then you're out the door leaving your bedroom looking as though a bomb has hit it. 

If you're organised you will have already planned the location in which your photo shoot will take place. So, you check your weather app and find rain is due in about half hour, time to get down to business. 

You do your poses in the middle of the street, stopping occasionally as cars and onlookers pass you by. But you come away thinking what a bloody good job I have done there. I cant wait to look through those.

You get home, open up your laptop and load the pictures only to find that... Your zipper was flying low or your hair had a kink in it. 

No. Pain. Like. It. 

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