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Thursday, September 07, 2017
Being a millennial has its perks, but mostly not.

We have it tough, I don't care what anyone says. Yeah we're lucky in the sense that we are old enough to know who the Venga Boys are and young enough to know how to work a computer. But all that aside, I don't think people realise that the expectations they have of us are completely unrealistic and the pressure is hard to deal with.

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Get a job, they say. It'll be easy they say. But boy, oh, boy, how wrong 'they' are. Yeah, we can all apply for jobs working in retail or a bar, but getting the job you really want is near impossible with the amount of competition there is out there and experience required. 

Once you actually do manage to somehow make it into the industry, I'm fairly certain you'll be starting at the bottom of the barrel and then we have the age old drama of your family expecting you to be promoted within the year to manager... It doesn't work like that these days Grandma, talk to me when you get 100 likes on your Instagram snaps.

The next step expected of us is to buy a house and get a mortgage at the tender age of 22, but how??? HOW?! How do we manage to raise the funds to pay rent, pay bills, buy food, live your life and manage to put enough away to save for a deposit. No siree, not gonna happen is it. Not when you have the burden of your student loan and every other debt you racked up during those 3 years of solid I mean "studying." 

What if you don't want to work in an office and buy a house just yet? There is so much to see in the world, and wanting to go travelling and see it all is a completely rational request. Your twenties are the years for yourself. If you make the decision to travel, I can guarantee there will be at least one person you encounter who will question when you are going to "get a job and grow up."

That moment might occur when you bump into an old family member and have to go through the excruciating pain that is small talk. It always goes along the lines of "So what are you up to now? Are you still studying? What do you study? Are you still a disappointment to your entire family?" 

And God help you should you say you never went to University. Even though it is a completely viable option these days and ya girl doesn't feel like getting into £27k worth a debt. Ya feel?

Say what you want, but millennials want more from life. I wouldn't define us as grafters per say, but we definitely dream big. I've never come across a more motivated group of people. The older generation didn't know any better and believed the only way through life was to get a job, get married and start a family and the younger generation all just want something for nothing. Of course, that doesn't stop us from scrolling through Instagram and seeing what our lives could have been if we were born into a wealthy family. But hey ho.

For some reason, no one takes us seriously. In my current job I constantly get "Oh you are far too young to be working here" and I immediately know they wont respect my position or opinion. But the sad fact is, that is applicable to so many aspects of our lives. I can't tell you how many Facebook posts I saw during the election saying how the youth of today fucked it all up because we voted for Jeremy Corbyn and how we didn't have a clue what we were voting for. Like we're complete idiots and aren't allowed to have a say. 

Another huge one being mental health. There has been a rise in mental health illnesses, and I'm not saying there is any correlation but it doesn't get acknowledged nearly as much as it should, and when it does it's normally negative and judgmental - "What do you have to be depressed about, you're like 20?"

What about how we all have to look like one of these beautiful Instagram godesses we see all over our feed? Everyone looks the same with their perfectly arched eyebrows and wings that could cut a bitch. But what does that mean for us? Are we deemed beautiful because we don't resemble the little person in our phone screens. Who decides that, and why does it fuck with our self esteem so much!?! 

It's not fair, and it's almost impossible to keep up. With social media being as fast pace as it is, this means fashion trends have been and gone with a blink of an eye. So don't even bother trying to save for that YSL clutch, because in a few weeks there'll be a new Gucci purse all are obsessed with. The same can be said for make up, it's exhausting. We get paid so little, and we spend so much on new products for them to release something better a few weeks later. 

Speaking of money, I never seem to have any? I don't know what the hell it goes on but by the end of the month I'm left with very little to go into that savings pot we talked about earlier. I'm not sure why it's acceptable to pay people so little, for such hard work - at least that's the case where I work... I hope they don't see this and sack me lol.

You've gotta work full time if you want to sustain a good standard of living. We all have to do it, I have no gripes with that. But finding that work/life balance is difficult. You work 9-5, Monday - Friday, so when do you have time to socialise or go shopping etc? You only have the weekend and evenings, but you can't do too much in the week because you have to be in work at 9 again the next day. That's only your schedule; your friends won't work the same hours as you so trying to find a time suitable for you all can sometimes be impossible. When you do find a time you're all free, someone will make an excuse to cancel because Great British Bake Off is starting and we're all introverted af. 

Get a job, get married, have a baby. I know that is what is expected of us, but why is there such a hurry? Why is that the process we have to follow? There is no rush to find a partner and settle down and the constant "So do you have a boyfriend yet?" is getting boring. Yes, meeting the love of your life at such a young age is a beautiful love story, but if you don't and end up rushing into it you could potentially miss out experiencing so much in life.

So there we have it. I'm sure that isn't all there is, and if you're a millennial reading this, I know you'll get it. If you're not, maybe you'll have some insight into what we are and what we are about. It ain't easy! 

What are some of your millennial gripes?

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