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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy Autumn everybody! There is no purpose to this post other than to share my love and admiration for this season. I know we all love it. The burgundy hues, the pumpkin spiced lattes, the joy we get when we get to use the word 'autumnal and not to mention the perfect Insta shot of your Ugg boots standing in a pile of leaves . 

There are endless reasons to love Autumn and everyone just seems so much happier when we reach this point of the year sharing their pictures on Facebook of pumpkins and candles. 

​It does hit us quite quickly as the nights start to draw in earlier and earlier, but with each night that passes Christmas is another day closer so for every negative, there are no doubt plenty of positives.

Before the cold weather hits us, in the UK we have this brief transitional period in September where we experience all the Autumnal feels but still enjoy the sunshine. This means it is the perfect​ opportunity to wear those outfits that you have pinned of girls wandering the streets of Manhattan in their dresses and big coats or a line skirts and polar necks. We wouldn't dream of wearing those kind of outfits without tights gone September. 

That is why, collectively, it is very important we make the most of this 2 week slot. To utilise our wardrobes to the fullest, to say farewell to Summer and to transition ourselves into the colder days. 

 With that being said, I have chosen to take full advantage of it this year and I'll tell you why.

 Last year I spotted Hayley Baldwin in one of the chicest outfits I had seen all year. It was simple, cosy, oversized, on trend - just everything you would want from an outfit and more and I knew I had to have it. I went shopping the following day and by chance managed to locate all the items that I didn't already have to recreate this look. The fact that they were all in one store already tells me this was fate. 

 However, since that day I have never really had the perfect opportunity to wear this outfit. Don't get me wrong, I have worn it, but it's been combined with a scarf or tights because the weather would not permit. I've even worn it when the sun was out, but boy did I regret that. I had a natural highlight going on (aka sweat.) 

But this is it. These weeks of September are where I can debut it in all its glory, and that I did. 

Oversized Knit Jumper - Zara 
Brown Over The Knee Boots - Zara 
Camel Waterfall Coat - Pretty Little Thing

What are some of your favourite transitional outfits?
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