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Monday, September 18, 2017

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I know we hear it all the time, but confidence really is key. 

It's something that no one will ever master, but will always continue to learn and grow from and those who lack in confidence should find comfort in knowing that every single one of us has our own insecurities that we may never overcome.  

It's not easy being brave, and it's because we are so used to living in our comfort zones that we never think of leaving them. But why would you? The clue is in the name, it's where you are most comfortable. Where everything is as it seems, no challenges or added pressures, no anxiety and no judgements. Sounds pure bliss. 

It's easy to think that way instead of challenging yourself for not being courageous enough, but once you do get into that mindset it gives you the added motivation to start conquering your fears. There is nothing wrong with living a reserved life, but quite often there is no better feeling than when you take a risk and do something a little out of the ordinary. 

Stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself is exhilarating. For instance, the rush you get when you cut all your hair off and get a surge of likes on Facebook or you apply for that job you've always dreamed of and manage to bag an interview. It's that kind of encouragement we all need to experience every once in a while. 

Fashion is a huge one for me when it comes to playing it safe. I'm always very conscious of what I am wearing and never want to be too 'out there' out of fear of getting judged. There are a lot of looks I have never dared try because I just haven't had the cahoonas or I have attempted once and someone has made a sarcastic comment and it's been sent to the back of my wardrobe never to be seen again. 

Quite fittingly, as I was contemplating writing this post Dia&Co reached out to me. They challenged me to Face My Fears and wear an outfit that I have always wanted to rock but have never had the courage to do so. 

At first I was very apprehensive, my original thought process was that if I don't have the confidence to wear it out and about for one day during my regular life where no one I know will see me, then why on earth would I want to put it on the internet for all to see forever and ever? 

But then I remembered, how can I sit here and talk about overcoming challenges if I'm not willing to do the same. I made this blog to create and inspire and in order to do so I would need to be brave, starting here. 

I am constantly saving images of my favourite looks from Pinterest and Instagram, but I rarely take inspiration from them as I never believe they will look nearly as good on me. But as #LFW has just come to a close (the time of year where everyone debuts their most stylish and original outfits) I couldn't think of a better time to execute this challenge. 

My biggest fashion fear is wearing revealing clothing such as low cut dresses and crop tops etc. I have bought a few outfits that are quite exposing but have never worn them, as I always find an excuse to wear something a bit more conservative. 

I decided to wear a red lip with this look and go all out. I have never had the courage to wear dark lipsticks either as I just never thought they would suit me. I buy plenty, but they sit in my lipstick box gathering dust. But since it is September now and I have all the Autumnal feels it inspired me to mix up my make up game too. 

I realise that these fashion fears don't sound like much when you read them, but to me they're huge and they will differ from person to person. But I can honestly say I am proud of myself for wearing this look out all night (and posting it on the internet) and not giving a damn about what side glances I received, or cheeky comments were made about me, and I think that's progress. 

I hope those of you that read this felt some inspiration to try something new, whether it's as small as wearing a different coloured lipstick or as daring as wearing clashing prints. Fashion gives us the ability to do what we want, and be whoever we want to be. We should always choose to embrace the freedom that none of us need to look the same.

What fashion fears will you be facing?

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