How To: Add A Little Zen To Your Life

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lately I've been a little bit of a stress head worrying over the smallest and simplest things. But that was until I figured that the only way out of it, was to change the way my mind operates. I've always appreciated Buddhism, it's a peaceful, beautiful outlook on life and after I looked a little further into it I found that it's honestly very refreshing.

Now I'm not saying that I'm going to go full Buddhist monk, and never speak again but what I did decide to do was channel some of their beliefs into my everyday routine, and it made me appreciate life just that little bit more. 

I thought I would share with you my top tips on: How To Add A Little Zen To Your Life.  

1) Don't Multitask. 

If you have a bunch of things to do, create a list so you don't forget, and go through each of them one by one until you're done. Don't stress about doing them as quickly as possible!

2) Spend A Little More Time On Certain Things. 

As you now have your list of things to do, spend a little extra time on each task. This means you don't rush it, and you can do whatever it is to the best of your ability as you're not half arsing it trying to get it done. 

3) Find Your 'Zen Garden.' 

This should be a place where you can relax, and take some quiet time for yourself. Ensure that it isn't a cluttered, enclosed space, but somewhere open and chill. Side note, it's always good to spend a little time here without your phone!!

4) Quit Worrying. 

Whatever it is you are stressing about, I can assure you that once it's over you will think, why was I so worried about that in the first place? Try to remember that!

5) Eat Good, Feel Good. 

I know we all love our maccies and KFC, and I'm not saying to cut that out completely. But having 3 full meals a day, plenty of fruit and veg not only makes your eating habits more healthy, but it also improves the way you feel, and look!

6) Think Positive. 

Be the glass half full kind of person. Not only is it not nice to be around the pessimists, but when you're only surrounded by negativity it can make you feel like that too. But if you believe in yourself and your capabilities you can achieve anything you want to. 

7) Be At Peace With Yourself. 

Don't set your expectations for yourself too high, focus on yourself and appreciate every little thing life has gifted you with. One of the hardest things in today's society is realising our inner beauty. We are focused on the outside beauty of people we see in the magazines, and comparing yourself to those will only kill you. When you can truly accept who you are, then I think you're close to conquering the world. 

8) Good Karma. 

One thing that I believe in with all of my heart is karma. I think that what you give out to the world, the world reciprocates that back to you. Therefore, if you're giving bad vibes to someone, you're only opening yourself up to receive them too. Likewise, if somebody is jealous or nasty to you with no reasoning, the world will have your back and karma will do it's job! 

With these few small steps you could find yourself feeling much more enlightened and just generally happy, and lets be real, our only goal in life should be to be happy! 

What do you do to relax and zen out? 

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