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Sunday, April 16, 2017

This is one of favourite posts to read from my bloggers as I love to be super nosy and see what they consider essentials. So I couldn't wait to write this myself as it means I get to share with you my necessities and see how many of you are like me, or whether I'm totally strange and am over packing. 

The Bag

My bag is Marc Jacobs. I received it from my parents for Christmas last year and is still in perfect condition. Usually I change my bag every year, but I can't convince myself to get rid of this one just yet. 

The Essentials

Purse, Keys, Phone, Girl Things

My current purse is this Michael Kors black one. It's very simple, and with the gold detailing matches my bag quite well. It's super spacious on the inside, which is perfect for me as I'm always shoving receipts in there and my acrylic nails can't be dealing with those tight spaces. 

The Space Takers

Sunglasses, Notebook and Pen, Lense Kit, Calculator, Umbrella

I love these sunglasses, I just hate how little I get to wear them in this country. They are Armani, and I managed to get these from the outlet called Cheshire Oaks. They were an absolute steal, and are always in my bag as you never know when the sun might wanna show his face.

I often carry a notebook and pen with me, as most bloggers do. I don't get inspiration for new posts by opening my laptop and logging onto Blogger. I get inspired by things I see when I am out and about, but it's totally unrealistic for me to remember them all off the top of my head, so I make it easy for myself and jot them down in here. The other alternative, if you don't want to take up so much room, is using the Notes app on your phones.

I carry this small lense kit around with me, as it means whenever I'm out and come across something I need to capture, it improves the quality my iPhone would give me. 

Yes, I carry a calculator. You may think this is strange, not only because I have a calculator app on my phone, but also because it's my handbag? What am I thinking. The only answer I can give you is that I work in Finance, but the truth is I'm extra AF. Let's just move on..

The Health and Beauty Products

Mirror, Make Up, Lip Balm, Toothbrush, Medicine, Hand Gel

I carry a toothbrush, with no toothpaste. Don't ask me why, I don't know myself. It wasn't until recently that my brother said that makes me look like a lady of the night. So I might rethink this one. 

I overload on meds, because you really never know when you might need it. The only downside to this is, I'm the person people come to when they need their fix, so I'm dishing them out like a drug lord. Period pains? I got chu! Migraine? I got it covered. Added cool factor, without the illegal stuff.

The Unnecessary Extras

Snacks, Chewing Gum, Tic Tacs, Phone Charger, Receipts, Headphones, General Junk

I'm not joking you, this is legit how many snacks I carry around with me and I'm not willing to comment on it any more. Don't judge me. 

It's pretty bad isn't it, that I literally cannot leave my house without a phone charger. Since when did that become a thing? Ah well, I ain't complaining, but my grandparents do! 

Am I overpacking? What weird stuff do you carry around in your bag?

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