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Thursday, April 06, 2017

A while ago I posted about a haul I did on my birthday weekend, however, as it was that big I have had to split it into two! There are worse problems in the world I guess..

There are two times a year when it is totally acceptable to do gigantic hauls for your wardrobe, and that is during the January sales and the Summer sales. Without going into it too much detail, as I have in my previous post that you can see here,(LINK) I'm just going to jump right in.

All Saints

AKA Heaven on Earth. This place is an absolute dream, and wait till I tell you the sale they had on. So, not only were many of the products already on sale, but there was also 50% everything in store! Oh man, so dreamy.

I ended up picking this beautiful beautiful pink trench coat. It's so lightweight, and the perfect length for a short girl like me. It makes a perfect companion to my all black outfits that I so often wear. All for the price of £51.00. I know you hate me all don't you, I'm sorry.

All Saints have one signature product that they always stock different variations of, and that is satin dresses. I managed to pick up two, the amazing, asymmetric, orange one, and this silvery grey halter neck styled. They're so unbelievably comfortable, and flattering.

I also got one more dress, this black full length number. It is long sleeved, figure hugging and has a dipped hem. If I was my 16 year old self, I would wear this to my prom. It is so beautiful and elegant.


Can you ever have enough black blouses? No, the answer is no you bloody well can't. So for that reason, I bought another. It looks smart, and it's comfortable. A great find on my behalf, if I don't say so myself.

I picked up this long sleeve tee, it's baggy, but combined with ripped jeans and converse it's a perfect casual get up.

French Connection

I saw these boots every time I entered French Connection, and every single time I wanted to buy them but couldn't really bring myself to spend the money on something I didn't particularly need. But for £31, I couldn't say no. So comfortable, and stylish. Paired with any of my All Saints dresses I purchased, they make for my signature look: Ripped Glam.

As with the boots, these grey trousers have been on my radar for as long as I can remember. I was going to buy them at full price originally, but I am so glad I waited as I picked them up for less than £15! Yaaaas bish.

Again. This dress, I have been chasing it. I did actually buy it once, but returned it as I didn't think it was worth the money I spent, but for £19.99 I had to, so I did do.

Guysssss, I feel like proper swanky in this coat. It's long, it's navy, it's flattering and it's warm! Honestly, I channel Olivia Pope in this.

Finally, my last purchase was this orange necklace. I bought this to go with my culotte jumpsuit I wore for my birthday, which I will be doing an outfit post on so you can check that out soon.

Thanks for reading guys!

What's are some of your favourite brands?
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