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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

OMG. So, for the weekend of my birthday I did the hugest haul. We went over to Cheshire Oaks, and of course this was the perfect time to go as the January sales are coming to an end, meaning prices are at an all time low, and as nobody has any money after Christmas, they wont be heading to the shops mid Jan!

For those of you that don't know, Cheshire Oaks is a designer outlet in the UK that features some of my all time favourite brands, including All Saints, Diesel and The Kooples.

To start of with, I went into a shop that I have never bought clothing from before and that was M&S. My mom dragged me in there, completely against my will, but my days, I went wild. Everything in there was being sold for virtually £5, I could not miss out on this opportunity, especially to stock up for work clothes. I ended purchasing a lot of items that are considered as basics, as they're plain, versatile and timeless.


I found this beautiful, bronze, overlay dress at an absolute steal of £5. I didn't buy it for any occasion in particular, but you never know when you might get a last minute invite to dinner or a party. So, it's one of those dresses to keep in my wardrobe for when a time like that arises. It's super classy, and I do think I will be able to wear over the next few years without it becoming dated, providing I don't pile on any pounds.

I was on the look out for smart trousers, for work and for best. As I get older, my style is growing with me. Don't get me wrong, I love my trainers and hoodies, but I also love a smart look with pointed stilettos and classic white shirts, so I am working on finding the perfect balance between those. I managed to find three pairs whilst on my hunt, an amazing wide leg beige pair, a blue pinstriped pair and black cropped drawstring trousers.

What I really wanted to pick up was a few blouses, but I only managed to find one. But a great one it was. This yellow and black printed blouse fits like a dream, it jazzes up any outfit, it isn't at all see through, which is my biggest beef with sheer clothing and it is great smart casual or work look.

I then got myself a set of jammies, my favourite thing to buy actually. It wasn't a matching set, but this sweatshirt and shorts went well enough so I picked those up. But, my bargain of the day that I was most excited about was this satin robe. I feel like I belong in the VS Fashion Show when I wear it, it was £5!! For just £5, I was made to feel like a super star lol.

The Cosmetics Store

How could I go on a huge shopping haul and not pick up any make up? Well, obviously I cannot. Normally when I go into this shop I don't end up buying anything. It's overcrowded, and small and normally the make up in there isn't that good. However, this weekend they were great! I managed to get myself a Mac foundation in colour NW20, a prep and prime highlighter in colour Light Boost and a Mac lip liner in the sought after Etcetera.

I was going to do this as one huge post, but there is just no way I can include it all without you guys getting bored. Stay tuned, as over the next few days I will be posting what else I got including pieces from All Saints and Levis!

Have you ever been to Cheshire Oaks?
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