"Friends don't let friends sneak into insane asylums alone" - Aria Montgomery

Okay so with the new season of Pretty Little Liars starting I could think of no better time to share with you my love for the style in this series. 

I thought I would kick start this off with my favourite liar, Aria Montgomery. Her style consists of layering up her outfits with bright and vibrant colours and accessorising them with chunky belts and big earrings. 

I understand that it's a TV show and not real life, but the fashion choices are often so brave, it's absurd. It's something I wish I could do, you know, if I liked any colour other than black...

I can connect to Aria the most out of all the liars. Firstly, she's short, just like me! Her outfits always have a bit of punk added to them, she's sarcastic, she loves to write and she's just the most relatable character of them all. Of course it helps that I have been a die hard Ezria shipper from day one till forever.

So here's a couple of my favourite outfits from Lucy Hale as Aria Montgomery right from season 1 - 6. 

I was feeling a little inspired by Aria's look, and I wanted to share with you some items and top tips to steal her style. I would recommend lots of layers, focus mainly on carefully mixing prints, and combine dresses and skirts with boots for that dressy casual look. 

Boots - Public Desire, Kimono - Asos, Knit Crop Top - Pretty Little Thing, Hat - H&M, Pink Crop - Missguided, Print Trousers - Topshop, Co-ord - Asos, Earrings - River Island, Dress - Asos

What's your favourite Aria look? Who do you think A is? 

"Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping."

After a couple of stressful days working overtime, prepping blog posts, updating my socials and attending interviews, I decided it was definitely time to treat myself with a little online shopping spree.

So I ventured over to Pretty Little Thing, and had a browse through the site. Now, I'd seen their beaaautiful waterfall coat a few times on Instagram and different fashion bloggers posts, and I've felt like I needed to invest in it for a long time, even though we are coming up to Summer. 

I was delighted to find that there was actually 20% off everything that day, so of course I went a little wild and did a bit of a haul. 

The first thing that caught my eye was this beaut two piece. I have been obsessed with culottes ever since they came into fashion but I have honestly never had the courage to buy a pair and pull them off. That was of course until I saw these beauties. The colour is one of my favourites and they're super comfy too. 

The crop top is simple, yet different and I think this outfit can be worn casually or you could doll it up with a pair of lace ups like I have here. At £25 for the two pieces, it really was a steal. 

Crop Top - Pretty Little Thing, Culottes - Pretty Little Thing, Shoes - Topshop

My next purchase was these black trousers and shoes. These trousers were on sale for just £5, and although I did initially think they were faux leather, I still love them all the same. They're so comfy, and high waisted which is always a great option when you want to wear a crop top but don't have the confidence to bare all your midriff. 

I have been after a pair of pointed slip ons for as long as I can remember, these were only £15 and they're just what I was after. The tips on the shoes give them a bit of a bad ass, grungey vibe, which you might know is what I strive for in most of my outfits. 

The two of these combined gave me an awesome sport luxe style, which I am loving right about now. 

Trousers - Pretty Little Thing, Crop Top - New Look, Shoes - Pretty Little Thing

I have loved this coat ever since I first saw it on the site, and then I saw it on featured on www.fashion-train.co.uk and I think I fell completely and utterly in love with it. The only thing that worried me when purchasing it was that it only comes in one size, as I'm quite short. However, the fit is perfect. The oversized look is exactly what I was hoping to achieve, and it is officially my favourite coat of the moment, for just £25 it's probably the most reasonable investment I've made in a long time.  

Coat - Pretty Little Thing, Crop Top - Miss Selfridge, Trousers - Asos, Shoes - Office

My final purchase was this bodysuit for £10. The main reason I wanted to buy this was for work. Whenever I wear midi skirts or tuck shirts and tops into tight clothing I always end up with bumps and bulges. It ruins the smart, sophisticated look I'm attempting. So, I came to reason that a body suit is the best way around it, and this one is soso comfy. The material is soft, its not too tight, and as you can see.. no bumps! Definitely worth it. 

Bodysuit - Pretty Little Thing, Midi Skirt - Asos, Shoes - New Look 

This was my first time shopping with Pretty Little Thing, and it definitely won't be my last. The delivery was prompt, the quality of the garments is impeccable and it's a totally affordable way to keep up with the latest trends.

Let me know some of your favourite online stores and what you've bought recently!

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