With this insane heat, I have been desperately hunting online for weather appropriate clothing. ​Here in England, it is rare we have sunshine for longer than a week, so Summer clothes have never been a priority of mine, I've always just made do with what I've got.

So this heatwave gave me the perrrrfect excuse to do a huge online haul and with all the beautiful Summer clothes out there I just couldn't help but go a little wild.

One of the sites I browsed whilst shopping was Rosegal.

This website is perfect for the "Tumblr" vibe I am always trying to achieve. They have sweatshirts with sarcastic quotes, beautiful flowy dresses and skirts, and fitness wear for when I like to pretend I am a regular in the gym, when in actual fact I have completely forgotten my pin to even get in.

I thought it would be worth mentioning, although not applicable to me, they have a huge range of plus size clothing and models on the site which was really refreshing to see. After spotting this myself, I have since recommended it to a few friends and family who I know struggle to shop online for their size.

I fell in love with so many of the pieces on this site, I couldn't miss the opportunity to share them with you and as you might notice, I have seriously fallen in love with the off the shoulder look this season.

They have an unbelievable range of beautiful dresses on their site, and it felt criminal to try and narrow it down to just 3. But each of these I felt were so unique, yet totally on trend. Perfect for beer garden vibes. 

Of course, as it is holiday season you always need a new swimsuit of some kind. I am obsessed with this orange thong bikini. I think it looks so flattering and sexy. 

The off the shoulder bikini, although won't give you the best tan lines, it will definitely look super cute whilst lounging around the pool. This style is a must this summer. 

Off the shoulder playsuits are everything. The easiest outfit to throw on, and a guaranteed look. These playsuits are doing the MOST. 

I am obsessed with the blue embroidery. It looks so boho, and perfect for a day to night look. So easily dressed up with wedge heels and big jewellery, but throw on with converse and style an up do and you've got a casual day out look. 

The lace playsuit is everything. I have nothing more to say. I love it. 

Paper bag trousers are so in fashion rn, combine with a black/white blouse and they look so sophisticated yet stylish and in shorts version too? Hello new fav look! 

Rosegal are currently celebrating their 5th anniversary, and by doing so they are gifting us a few codes so we can get some dollar off. You can shop from as little as $1.99!

So the codes that are currently on offer are:

RGAnniversary1 - This can be used any time, and gives you 12% discount off your order.

RGjune - For orders over $25, you receive $3 off
RGjune - For orders over $50, you receive $7 off
RGjune - For orders over $80, you receive $13 off
RGjune - For orders over $100, you receive $15 off 

RGanniversary - Offers you 15% off your entire order

And finally, code RGjune4th offers you 17% off your order providing it is over $50 

Please note: The codes " RGjune " "RGanniversary" and " RGjune4th" are effective from 02/07/2018 - 22/07/2018 

And don't forget to mark these dates in your calendar, The Rosegal 5th Anniversary Carnival runs from July 16th -18th.

They also offer Free Shipping Worldwide, which is an absolute necessity to me. 

This post is in collaboration with RoseGal.

It's really hard to pin point what exactly my signature style is. 

As I have said many times on this blog, my style cannot be defined. It can depend on my mood, current trends, the weather, how lazy I am feeling etc. There are many variables that will contribute to my looks. 

Saying that, there are three styles that I identify the most with and those are Classic, Soft Grunge and Street Wear. 

By classic, I mean traditional cuts and tones, big handbags, nudes and monochrome. You know, the items of clothing that will never go out of fashion - the investment pieces of our wardrobes. 

Soft Grunge in my own definition is chunky black boots, ripped jeans, oversized outerwear and studs. Think of a rockstar and just tone that outfit down a little bit to something you'd happily wear in public. 

Street Wear I consider to be oversized hoodies and over expensive trainers. The outfit that looks so effortless, yet so chic. Channel Blvck Dope

One tip I would give anyone is that fashion is what you make it. How you​ let it inspire you. How ​you define it and how you style it - not how you copy it. 

It took me a really long time to discover my own personal style. I tried many different looks over the years, I tried to keep up to date and follow trends, I tried to be different and unique but all in all, I always revert back to what I feel most safe in. 

From the ages 12 -14 I was what can only be described as a chav. I wore Henleys hoodies and black Nike trainers to school. I wore a gold sovereign and lived in tracksuits and trainers. It's so embarrassing to think back on it, but the reasoning was that I just did what everyone else did. All the 'cool' kids in school would wear it, so I would to. 

As I got older, so about 16-18 I decided to channel more soft grunge into my wardrobe. I bought my first pair of doc martens and oversized check shirts and leather jackets were my shit. I even wore several black shag bands. Why? Well because Effy from Skins did. I dunno. But it felt cool. This was when my own style started to come into play. 

When I hit my 20's that is when I started to take fashion seriously. I started a professional job, so my classic, sophisticated style had to be addressed. For the office it mostly consists of blouses and black trousers, mini skirts and polo necks, printed trousers, pencil skirts and tailored coats. 

Going out out, I like to look hella classy, sexy and sophisticated. My style is not wearing as little clothing as possible, I can't bear to be cold. But it is more chic dresses and jumpsuits. 

In my personal view, I don't believe you need to get your boobs, butt, legs and tum all out to be considered sexy. If you have the body for it, then of course by all means go forth and do you. But I myself, don't have the enviable figure, and am a bit of a prude. I am not comfortable with so much of myself exposed. 

I do often try  stepping out of my comfort zone, as how will you ever expand your style and capabilities if you don't give it a go?

My best advice to discovering your own personal style is trial and error. 

Think of all the phases you have been through in your life, I know we have tried to remove certain embarrassing memories from our brains, but it is important to know how you felt and what gives you the most confidence and comfort. 

If there are certain stages in your life you loved, i.e. an emo stage, channel some of that into your everyday wardrobe and accessories and if you can remember what you tried, and hated, then avoid at all costs. 

For me, that would be when I decided to wear girly, flowery dresses and headbands, when I lived in trackies and glittery hoodies, anything with bows and gladiator sandals. These are just to name a few. 

The world of fashion is endless, there are no rules and regulations, you have the freedom to be and do whatever your heart desires. ​

So if you want to try something new, bloody well go and try it. You might love it, you might hate it. But you gotta try! 

Have you found your signature style yet? If so, tell me about it, Stud. 

Brows, brows, brows.

They're huge and have been for several years now, and with popularity means never ending products being released promising to be better than the last. 

I haven't tried every brow product out there, my bank balance simply could not support that lifestyle. But I do mix up my routine quite often, depending on mood, time and the look I'm going for. 

However, eyebrows can make or break a makeup look and I see so many girls walking around who don't particularly know what they're doing with big, thick, matte black eyebrows. The only way to avoid this is to know which products do what - This is where I come in. 


My personal favourite is the pomade. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills and booooy it is good. For a natural look I outline them, slightly fill in and brush through the product with a spooly. I will complete the look with a brow gel. 

If I want a more dramatic look, I will outline my brows with a pencil first - my favourite is the ABH Brow Wiz and then I will fill in the rest with the pomade.  

My only qualm is that I find this method the most time consuming, meaning I'm not able to wear it for an everyday look. 

Brow Gel

Whether it's tinted or clear, if you have full brows like myself, you can get away with just this product alone. Quite often, I go for a natural look for work, as having thick brows can be difficult to manage as they tend to take over my face. When I'm not in the mood to enhance and dramatise them, I will use the Benefit Gimme Brow
 tinted gel instead to fill the sparse areas and groom them. 


BOO my pencil is broke! I'm sure this is the product every girl started with when she realised eyebrow makeup was a thing all those years ago. However, I wish someone had advised me against it as I had no bloody clue what I was doing. I was using a jet black pencil and filling in my entire eyebrow. FACE PALM. Thank goodness for beauty gurus on the internet, because I soon came to realise that the best way for me to fill my brows was to use a colour that is a shade lighter than my brow hairs and to outline them and brush through the product. 

I rarely use just a pencil but if I do, I use it to emphasise my brows for a bolder look. I overline them slightly and shape them with more precision so they look at lot sharper and fierce - perfect for a full face evening look. 

Brown Eyeshadow

Not heard of this hack? You are missing out. Gone are the days of buying endless products for parts of your face when you can use the same one twice. Using brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows is part of my every day routine. 

You will need a colour that is a shade lighter than your actual brows, and it needs to be matte... Unless you want little bits of glitter in there, which tbh I'm not hating the thought of. 

This gives my brows a real natural look as the product is made to be blendable, meaning it doesn't come across harsh and you can easily remove or build on it as you please. However, for this reason you will need to use a brow gel on top to keep it all in place. 

This is my preferred choice as it literally takes me 2 minutes max and is a super affordable option as I'm sure you will all own a brown eyeshadow already. 

Brow Kits

Okay. If you are a novice I will recommend you purchase a brow kit until I am blue in the face.

They!! Are!! So!! Easy!!

I'm talking serious convenience here as you have all you need in one place. The Seventeen Brow Kit is my ultimate fav. For the very very affordable price of £6, you have wax, powder, a pencil and a brow highlighter all in one place. 

Although I wouldn't find it particularly easy drawing on brows with this kit, it is perfect for filling in sparse areas and giving them a really natural look. 

What is your preferred eyebrow technique?

 I constantly find myself residing in the Writer's Block Hotel. 

Thinking of ideas to talk about isn't always as easy as it seems and I am so envious of bloggers who post regular, great content because all I ever think is "don't you ever get stuck?"

My blog posts ideas are all or nothing. I can be sat watching TV and something will come to me, I'll jot it down and then 50 more will follow. But for months later I will struggle to think of any topic to discuss. It's just the way the cookie crumbles. 

With that being said, it is so important to know how to get over it when you find yourself struggling, otherwise you will remain in that rut for a long time and will struggle to ever find motivation. Over the last few months, I have attempted to inspire myself and open my mind to create new, innovative ideas and I have found by doing a few of the things listed below I have made some real progress. 

Shirt - Zara, Bodysuit - eBay, Joggers - Ivy Park, Shoes - Timberland

Read, Watch, Subscribe etc to Your Favourite Bloggers/Vloggers 

Follow the people whose content makes your soul smile. These are the people that will motivate you and inspire you to write things that are close to your heart as they resonate with yourself. 

You need someone you relate to and whose words you can hear yourself saying, it is more likely that you will understand their point of view and be able to write from a similar position. 

I am of course not recommending you plagiarise and copy other peoples content, as that is in no way the point of blogging. By owning a blog, you want your own voice to be heard. So we only use this to take inspiration from topics discussed and emotive language used. 

Blogger's wont get mad if you write about the same thing they have, that's how all topics start trending, but only as long as it is completely your own opinion and words. 

Review Latest Purchase 

Gather all the things you have bought for the current season we are in, scribble them all down or get them out in front of you and see what similarities you can find amongst them and if they inspire a theme you can use.

The things you might want to consider looking out for are; colour schemes, how you intend to style them, what trends you are following, whether or not they are timeless pieces or throw away fashion etc etc.  

And if all else fails, you can always do a haul of your latest purchases - this will always go down well, especially if you are loving a new brand and can show off a few new pieces of their current collections. 

Fashion Designers

I know many of us follow fashion bloggers now for style inspo, but we should never forget that style and trends always originate straight from the source. 

Follow your favourite fashion designers on Instagram and they will fill your feed with all the new, beautiful garments of their collection before they are released. This way you can see the newest fashions being styled and be ahead of the curve with updates on newest trends. 

This gives you a great lead on blogging about trends before they become huge and overdone. 

Recent Life Experiences 

Think back to some of the things you have been up to over the past few months. What did you get up to?

Maybe you visited a new city or tried a new restaurant? Write about what made you happy, what made you sad, what made you angry etc. 

Readers love​ to see personality through posts, so to be able to vent, rant and share details about your life will make you much more likable and attainable. It's good for your readers to know that actually you are a normal person and totally relatable. 

Back To Basics 

There are sooo many blog posts out there listing ideas for you to use when you hit writer's block. These usually include the really generic posts which can sometimes put you, off but there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them. I would never recommended sleeping on posts about hauls, everyday make up routines, product reviews, styling a certain item. As long as you write genuine, real posts your readers will appreciate and respect you. 

Social Media - YouTube and Instagram

The world is high on YouTube at the moment, it is huge and it is only continuing to grow with, presumably, thousands of users signing up daily to post. As there as so many users who are desperate to be different from the rest, we have access to so much material. We see what trends are being created, what is popular and what flops. This is a great place to look for innovative talking points. So if you're stuck for ideas, try spending an hour browsing the trending videos in your area of expertise and take in what they are saying to see how you can channel that into your own words and inspiration. 

Instagram is overloaded with images of beautiful women wearing beautiful clothes in beautiful cities. If you want inspo for how to wear certain things, Instagram and Pinterest are your place to look. Just search the hashtag #PVCTrousers (avoid the sex related images that might turn up) and see how people all over the world style things differently. It's so interesting and educational to see! 

Grab Your Notebook, We're Heading Back To School

How did we all brainstorm ideas when we we're in school? We grabbed our notebooks or giant A3 pieces of paper, gathered a selection of coloured pens and drew the biggest mindmap we could. 

I'm not saying we need to go to these extremes, but it's a great, effective method to help get your imagination going.

I would take some time to sit in a quiet room and just start writing down ideas - they don't have to be good. Just write down anything you can think of. You will be surprised by how much your mind will open up and soon your own hand won't be able to keep up with what you want to jot down. ​

How do you come up with inspiration for your blog posts?

Hooded eye sufferers, CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!?

If you have issues with hooded eyes, then please please please read on.

I have had hooded eyes for as long as I can remember. I always thought I could never find a solution for it and it was just the way my eyes were meant to be. It got to the point where I was considering spending £1000 on botox to actually get it fixed.

My make up was often uneven, my eyeliner would take over my entire eyelid and I was never able to take pictures from my right side without looking like a creep.

It's a real nightmare for myself, and something I was incredibly self conscious of. So if you are in the same boat, I feel your pain!! 

For years and years I ignored it, as I thought I might eventually grow out of it but that wasn't to be the case until one day I decided to google it and see if something could be done. 

I scrolled through pages and pages on Google but most of what came up were temporary results. This included hacks such as using egg whites(WTF?!) and eyelash glue, but nothing that would be a permanent fix besides surgery.

I eventually came across a web page that stated that if you apply a good eye cream every night you will begin to see visible results, but not guaranteeing a cure. 

So step 1, I invested in a Nip&Fab Bee Sting eye cream. I started using it sparingly as instructed, on my cheek bones and brow bone, being careful to dab and not rub.

I wasn't expecting anything miraculous, but I will say I began to notice a difference in the space of 3 days. After continuing this for a few months the elasticity in my upper lids has definitely firmed and I can notice the difference from how they used to look. 

I would absolutely recommend this. Whether it was the product, or the process of applying the cream iunno. But this is something I will never run out of now.

I did continue looking on Google for more dramatic, instant results, and although this cannot be achieved through the use of creams or gels etc, I did come across a really simple and effective technique. It is temporary, but they are so inexpensive that it doesn't pain you to keep stocking up and that is Eye Lash Strips.

Step 2, I headed over to eBay and bought a fairly cheap set as I wanted to test it out. The only thing I would mention is maybe try and get double sided strips as apparently if you wear them for 3 months straight you will create a new permanent fold in your lid.. meaning no hood! 

The results are amazing, unfortunately you can't wear heavy duty make up when you are wearing them but for 3 months I think we can cope. You can still get away with mascara, lashes and wings! 

So, if you have hooded eyes and think this can't be solved please go and buy these products. I obviously cannot promise you amazing and immediate results. It may not even work for you, but it is at least worth a shot. My confidence boosted by a milli.

Let me know how you got on in the comments, and what tips and tricks do you have for hooded eyes?!

I watch a hell of a lot of TV, and American sitcoms and dramas are probably some of my favourites. You often see criticism from the media that there isn't enough shows with the leading characters being female, so I wanted to narrow down the women that have inspired me and taught me lessons on TV and just reiterate why it is so important for us fellow women to encourage and support those who do have their own TV shows. 

Firstly, is my all time favourite TV show which sadly came to an end last year: The Mindy Project. Mindy has taught me countless lessons, that there is no way I could list them all, so I will tell you the one that is most important to me.

The Mindy Project taught me being Indian is empowering af.

My culture isn't something I have always been proud of, and in fact I used to be embarrassed by it. Ultimately it boiled down to being in a school of predominantly white children. I never saw Indian women being bigged up or doing great thing, the only time I saw them was when they were having the piss ripped out of them. 

So this is a huge one for me, I wish there were more Indian women on my screen at the moment, but for now I will settle on Mindy, as she is doing an absolute sterling job.  

Image result for i am a hot smart woman with an ass that wont quit gif

New Girl taught me that guys can make the best of friends. 

You either believe in guy and girl friendships or you don't, there is no inbetween. But genuinely, I wish those that didn't were more accepting of them. 

By being friends with a member of the male species does not, I repeat, does not mean you have to have any romantic feelings towards them. 

Guys make the best friends because: 
1) They will be honest with you when you need an honest answer
2) Their banter is on another level 
3) They aren't afraid to take the mick out of themselves, meaning you can too 
4) They may have hot friends and can give you a way in 
5) You can get genuine relationship advice from the other side - no more confusing bf moments 

and on and on and on. Basically, don't sleep on a male and female friendship, because they rock. 

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90210 taught me that every single person in Beverly Hills is beautiful and when I'm looking for a husband that's where I'll be heading.

There's really nothing else to say on this. 

Image result for 90210 boys gif

Gossip Girl taught me that rich people, although awesome, have the most dramatic stressful lives. So never judge a book by its cover.

I would watch this program and dream of a life in NYC where I could wander around the city all day, go for brunch and to the top clubs and own all the latest fashion pieces before they even hit the stores. 

Of course it is everyone's dream, but I'm not sure I would want that if I had to put up with the amount of BS they do in this show. 

Get kidnapped, drugged and left in a hotel room to die? But you'll have the new Gucci bag?

Actually, yeah probably still would. 


The moral of the story is that although it looks super glam and fabulous, everything we see is through rose tinted glasses. We shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. This reminds me of a similar topic that is often discussed all over the blogger world, and that is The Instagram Issue. 

Related image

Desperate Housewives taught me that marrying rich and becoming a housewife is actually goals. 

You don't have anything to prove, so don't bust your balls trying to succeed at being something you're not at the expense of your happiness. 

What will be, will be and as long as you are happy then all is well. Embrace it, happiness is success IMO.

Oh and also, wine is your best friend. 

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Devious Maids taught me never to underestimate 'the help.' 

Just because someone's job isn't as glam as yours, it doesn't make you any better.

You should never look down on someone because of the job they do, particularly when you know very little of their character. 

We are all the same. 

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Image result for devious maids gif maids

Empire taught me to channel my inner sass on the regular, don't let anyone dim your light.

If there is one woman who inspires me everyday to fight to keep that fire in my belly alive, it is Cookie from Empire. 

She is such a boss, in every sense of the word. She doesn't let anyone intimidate her, she doesn't succumb to any man. She really is just amazing. 

Love you forever Cook, you taught me to believe in myself and beat anyone's ass who doesn't.

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